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Preloading a refund application from an XML file

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A) General

Preloading refund applications by an XML file consists to upload an XML file containing all required data for filing refund applications without manual entry. The XML file has to be created from an accounting software holding all the information on the invoice likely for a refund of VAT paid in another Member State. The administration defines the format of the XML file.

B) Principle of operation

The upload of an XML file allows to create refund applications from the data contained in the XML file.

An XML file can contain one or more refund applications for one or more established taxable persons. Other type of claims, namely the corrective refund application and the application for modifying the deductible proportion rate are not supported.

Unlike the system of filing VAT returns, refund applications created this way are not submitted immediately. If necessarym the user can adapt the information of the refund application and add attachments prior to submitting the refund application.

There is no difference between a refund application preloaded from an XML file and a refund application created manually in the VAT Refund portal. During the submission phase, the same checks are carried out.

C) Access to the function of preloading by an XML file

The access to this function will be granted by the administration on request.

The request needs to be sent by the main manager of the company's eTVA account to helpdesk eTVA by e-mail. The decision will be sent to the main account manager by e-mail.

When the taxable person uses the services of a representative for filing the refund application, only the representative needs the XML option for VAT Refund portal.. Neither does the established taxable person need access to this function for doing the followup of its refund applications filed by its representative.

D) XML file upload

The XML file upload is done under the tab Import XML. This tab is only visible after having the access to the function enabled.

A reliability indicator measures the quality of the uploaded files. It gets reduced in function of the error contained in the uploaded file. The administration tolerates a certain number of errors without communicating the details of the calculation of the reliability indicator.

When uploading an errorfree file after a longer period of errorfree uploaded files or after a longer period of non uploading files, the reliability indicator is reset to the inital value of 100%.

If the reliability indicator reachs the value of 0%, the access to the button Import XML file gets blocked automatically for avoiding uploads of additional erroneous XML files.The access to the tab is maintained for displaying the list of uploaded files.

In this case, a request for unblocking needs to be sent by the main manager of the company's eTVA account to helpdesk eTVA by e-mail with detailed description of the measures taken by the company for avoiding uploads of erroneous files in future. The administration reserves the right to permanently revoke access to the function of preloading by XML file in case of recidivism or in case the taken measures are considered to be insufficient. The decision will be sent to the main account manager by e-mail.

Observation: The temporary or permanent blocking does not deprive the established taxable person or its representative of its right to submit a refund application. The refund application can always be done by manual input.

E) XML file processing monitoring

Each uploaded file is shown in the table of tab Import XML that tells the status of the XML file, the number of contained applications and the number of concerned established taxable persons.

On erreur, the file is skipped in its entirety and no refund application is created.

The reasons for the denial of an XML file may include:

  • File reference duplicated

    The file has already been uploaded. For correcting an uploaded file, you need to generate a new XML file with another reference. The reference is independant of the filename.

  • Access denied to taxable person

    The user's legal entity does not have a valid mandate for the established taxable person referenced in the refund application.

  • Taxable person not established

    The applicant of the refund application is not an established taxable person and does not have the right to bring a refund application in its name and on its behalf.

  • Currency invalid for Member State

    The currency is not applicable in the Member State of refund over the period of refund.

  • Bank account not in the profile of the taxable person

  • The bank account number is not in the user's company profile.

  • Bank account not in the profile of the representative

    The bank account number is not in the user's company profile. Eventually the mandate of the taxable person imposes another bank account number.

  • Limit of applications exceeded

    The administration does not want the user creates galore refund applications without having the intention to submit such that the user makes a considerable number of tests by uploading each time a new XML file to finalize a refund application. If after preloading a refund application, the user finds the oblivion of an acquisition, it is recommended to manually add through the portal instead of generating a new XML file to upload. Similarly, to adapt the refund period or any other information of the refund application.

    The number of refund applications created by a user is limited. The administration does not provide any information on the maximum number except that it is high enough to allow normal and reasonable use to any established taxable person and to any representative.

All these errors have a small impact on the reliability indicator.

An XML file not respecting the structure defined by the administration has a major impact on the reliability indicator and results quickly into a temporary blocking of the button Import XML file.

F) Completing the preloaded application

Before proceeding with the submission of the refund application, the user must verify the need to add attachments.

The representatives must verify additionnally that the mandate received from their customer is still valid and that the specified bank account meets the requirements of the received mandate.

G) Related information

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This help applies to VAT Refund portal version 8.0 and above.

Version of this page: 2017-08-10-19

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