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Technical aspects

Vers le niveau supérieur

A) General

Each user needs

  • a professional certificate issued by the company LuxTrust s.a. to the user as smardcard pro or as signing stick pro.

    These professional certificates are issued to a person as an employee or representative of a legal entity. The certificates hold information about the cardholder and also the details of the legal entity which he is commissioned to.

  • an access to eTVA systems (only available in french or german language).

The computer must be equipped with

The administration recommends to always use the latest version of these software for IT security reasons.

Since February 6th, 2017, the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software is no longer required for connecting to governmental online services.

The application is designed to be used with an monitor with an minimal resolution of 1200x1024 points.

B) Browsers

B.1) Supported browsers

In general, each browser compatible with the LuxTrust middleware is supported.

More information:

B.2) Not supported browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (provided with Windows Vista): not supported.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (provided with Windows XP): not supported.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7: not supported.

B.3) Other browsers

The user must ensure proper operation. The administration cannot support each user's configuration.

C) Questions and answers

C.1) [IE 11] The page is displayed in a strange way

IE11 Document Mode Wrong

In the menu F12 Developer Tools of IE 11 configuration, change the parameter Document Mode to the value Edge or to the value 10.

IE11 Document Mode
The screen copies are issued from IE11 on Windows 7 in english version

C.2) [IE 11] The sorting on a table is not memorised

In the menu Compatibility View Settings of IE11 configuration, deselect the checkbox Use Microsoft compatibility lists.

Furthermore the eventuel entries for vatrefund.b2g.etat.lu and etat.lu must be removed in the Websites you've added to Compatibility View list.

IE11 Compatibility View
The screen copies are issued from IE11 on Windows 7 in english version

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This help applies to VAT Refund portal version 8.0 and above.

Version of this page: 2017-02-08-12

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