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Using the graphical interface

Vers le niveau supérieur

A) General

  • Help

    There is a help page for each screen of the application. You can access it via the Help button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    Field names used in the application are displayed in bold and italics.

  • Multitab

    In the application, you can work in several tabs at a time, e.g. one tab showing a refund application and other tabs showing information on purchases.

  • Logging out

    You must log out once have you have completed your tasks. Logging out affects all of the user's open windows, tabs and sessions.

  • Preferences

    The system remembers your choices in terms of language setting and the number of lines displayed for each type of table.

  • Data entry field names

    The (*) symbol next to a field name means the information concerned is mandatory.

B) Screens and dashboards

Generally, each screen is divided into three horizontal sections.

  • The first section is used for displaying confirmation messages (in green), warnings (orange) and errors (red). If there are no messages in this section, it is not displayed.

  • The second section, with a pale blue background, is used for adding or changing lines in the table displayed in the third section of the screen.

    For a data change or entry to be recorded by the application, it must be confirmed by clicking Save. The result of the operation is displayed in the first section of the screen.

  • The third screen section shows one or more tables containing the data saved for the relevant part of the refund application.

C) Tables

  • Sorting

    The and symbols next to a column heading are used to activate sorting on this column. The triangle changes to black to indicate that a sort is active. The sort order (ascending or descending) can be toggled by clicking on the symbol. To deactivate sorting on a column, activate it on another column. You can sort only one column at a time.

  • Select all

    The select all box only selects the lines displayed on the current page of the table. The lines on the previous and following pages are not selected. You can increase the number of lines displayed, depending on the type of table, to enable the selection of additional lines.

D) Forms et actions

  • Confirmation and approval

    A wide range of confirmation messages (in green color), warnings (in orange color) and errors (in red color) help you to fill in the forms. Warnings are non-blocking items: they are there to draw the user's attention to potential problems. Errors are blocking items: the task cannot be completed without correcting the error.

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This help applies to the portal for managing the mandates version 1.0 and above.

Version of this page: 2017-05-04-16

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