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General terms and conditions of use

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L'Administration de l'Enregistrement et des Domaines (the Land Registration and Estates Department), referred to hereafter as "the administration" makes a publicly accessible computer available to taxable persons to enable them to use the online procedures provided by the administration. Further information on the online procedures is available.

Using the computer implies full acceptance of these general terms and conditions of use.

The special terms and conditions for the eTVA system still apply.

References to the eTVA system include all VAT-related online applications.

General terms and conditions of use

  1. The administration gives no warranty that a computer will be available at any moment during the opening hours.

    Furthermore the administration cannot ensure that the publicly accessible computer is correctly configured at any circonstances for the use of the administration's online applications.

    The administration is committed to provide the best possible effort to ensure the proper functioning and correct configuration of the publicly accessible computer.

  2. The administration may restrict general access to the computer or refuse a specific person access to the computer.

  3. The computer can be accessed during the administration's opening hours. Citizens must leave the building before the entrance door is closed at 17.00. The computer will be switched off automatically at around 16.45.

  4. It is not possible to reserve a computer.

  5. Any citizen can use the computer for a maximum of 30 minutes a day in order to complete online procedures with the administration.

    To speed up online completion, citizens may prepare the forms for electronic submission in advance before coming to the administration by using a paper-based form. The forms can be downloaded from the 'Formulaires' section of the administration's website www.aed.public.lu and the 'Formules TVA' section of the www.eTVA.lu website for printing purpose.

  6. Access is limited to use of the administration's online applications.

    Accessing the administration's website or another government website is permitted provided there are no users wishing to complete electronic procedures with the administration.

    The following uses are not allowed or are blocked:

    • Documents may not be printed, regardless of their nature;

    • You may not access your personal email account;

    • Websites outside the "etat.lu" and "luxtrust.lu" domains may not be accessed.

  7. Kindly refrain from leaving personal information and documents on the computer. This information could be accessed by subsequent users.

  8. If needed, contact the eTVA helpdesk on 247-80500 using your mobile phone. The receptionists and personnel on the main tax desk (guichet du service "Recette Centrale") are not qualified to help you or to call the eTVA helpdesk.

    The eTVA helpdesk may answer to any technical questions relative to eTVA system and to questions about the use of online applications.

    The eTVA helpdesk does not provide the following services:

    • A personal tuition on using a computer is excluded.

    • A personal tuition on use of the administration's online applications is excluded.

    • Ongoing support during the use of this computer is excluded.

    The general information and user guide for the various online applications are also available on your own personal computer.

  9. The computer should be used with due care and attention.

    The printed user guides, available to citizens, remain the property of the administration.

  10. All users of the administration's online applications must use a LuxTrust professional certificate issued in their own name. Any member of the administration's staff is authorised to check the identity of the natural person using the application. Use of the computer with another natural person's LuxTrust certificate is prohibited.

  11. Binding are the Conditions générales d'utilisation in French language.

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