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The laws of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg are published exclusively in French language. It is not the goal nor a legal obligation of the administration to provide any information in a language other than the language used to publish the applicable laws.

For any information, please refer to the pages published in French or German language. Professional services or public available translator on Internet may help.

System eTVA-M (Managing the mandates)

The Administration de l'enregistrement, des Domaines et de la TVA will propose to the taxable persons a portal for managing the mandates. This portal will allow the management of electronic mandates for several online applications of the administration.

The deployment of this service is done in several steps:

  1. Mandates for viewing the VAT account statement (eTVA-C)

    This part is available.

    To view the VAT account statement online of your own VAT file, the right of eTVA main account manager or of eTVA account manager is required.

    To view the VAT account statement online of another taxable person, a valid electronic mandate is required. Every user of the representative (eTVA main account manager, eTVA account managers and ordinary users) can then view the client's VAT account statement online.

    The eTVA main account manager and the eTVA account managers can manage the mandates and propose a mandate to a representative. Ordinary users can only view given and received mandates.

    More information on user rights.

  2. Mandates for VAT Refund

    This part is available.

  3. Mandates for VAT MOSS

    A date has not been fixed yet.

The management of mandates includes the following functions:

The advantage for the taxable person is to dispose of one portal for managing all mandates relative to the administration's eTVA applications.

The principle that the mandate must be established by the client is preserved, and therefore the client must also have an eTVA access to the administration's online applications.

There is no general power of attorney being applicable for all of the administration's online applications. Each power of attorney only applies for one online application. Thus a power of attorney for VAT Refund does not give access to the online VAT account statement.

All users of eTVA systems are granted automatically access to the eTVA-M system.

Direct access to eTVA-M system and to the contextual help of the system.

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